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"You Are About To Discover a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Health & Nutrition that will change lives & create and entirely New Industry. It's time for you to profit from the Genetic Revolution"

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50 Years of Scientific Research into the Secrets of Human DNA will change the multi-Billion Dollar Health Industry. And create Massive Opportunity for you to profit from the Genetic Revolution today!!

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This is an opportunity that is worth looking at. There are
only few times in your life where the opportunity to be part of something ground breaking presents itself. You are looking at something now that has not launched, and is scheduled to be introduced to the general public on August 1, 2008. This is
Pre-Launch, and we are literally standing at the threshold of
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For the first time ever, DNA personalized nutritional is available.


We have the solution to the problem, and we are first to market!


  • We are TRULY going to change the way we think about the human body and sickness and disease.

  • Create your own personalized health system based on your very own genetics.

  • The ability to personalize and customize nutritional supplements based on your DNA and your lifestyle is now a reality.

  • On August 1st, 2008 a 14 year old bio-technology company will launch a marketing division and create an opportunity for you to profit from the genetic revolution.

  • Participate in the profits of the genetics industry by becoming an affiliate and marketing a Revolutionary Nutritional System.

  • "Genetic testing is already a $5 billion industry. But if you want to scan your DNA for potential diseases, you have to choose between a research institution, which can take weeks to return results, and a commercial lab, which can be expensive." Business 2.0 -- "Spinning Gold from the Double Helix", 6/19/2007


Timing is everything in business and the the time to participate and profit in a revolutionary industry like this has never been better. We'll see much more coverage in the media of this life-changing technology in the coming year.
Now is the time!


"New and growing industry"

"[There's a] new and growing industry in personal DNA analysis"

-- Time Magazine, "Diving into the Gene Pool"


"Chance to peek into the future of your health"

"Genetic testing sounds like a concept straight out of a science fiction novel. But this chance to peek into the future of your health is an opportunity some people are taking today. People with a family history of certain medical conditions can plan for their futures by understanding their health risks."

-- CNN 4/12/2006


"DNA analysis can identify potential health problems"

"DNA analysis can identify potential health problems and prevent drug reactions."

-- MSNBC 1/25/2005


"The genetic revolution"

"Google-Funded 23andMe Offers $999 DNA Test -- The mission of 23andMe is to take the genetic revolution to a new level by offering a secure, Web-based service where individuals can explore, share and better understand their own genetic information," said 23andMe co-founder Linda Avey. Eventually users, who sign up for the saliva test online and receive it by mail, will also be able to participate in research."

--Reuters -- 11/9/2007 "


"There are a few definable moments that change the direction of our lives"

"After seeing the presentation, and listening to the science behind the product, I realized that we are standing at the threshold of one of those definable moments." 

-- Scott Reese, Virginia

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